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07-30-2005, 08:36 AM
I'm finding it very hard to learn anything about Flash Lite - all information about it seems to be hidden away.

First of all, is Flash Lite the authoring tool, or the player of Flash movies on mobile devices?

Does it only work on PocketPCs, or does it also work for phones as well?

If I make something with Flash Lite, how do I use it on my Nokia 6630? Do I need to install a plugin or something?

What would I have to buy to get a Flash file playing on my phone? Do I just need to buy the Flash Lite authoring tool, or do I also need to buy the player to install onto my phone as well?

Explain to me in as much detail as possible what 'Flash Lite' is. I'm not sure if it's what I build the movies in, what I play the movies in, or something else.

What version of Flash is Flash Lite equivalent to currently? I think it was Flash 4, if I'm remembering correctly (but I'm probably not).

If I want Flash Lite to check when I've pressed a certain button on my phone, then how would I know the ASCII key code value of it? Would I just check the key code of the last key predssed, or is there some other way?

Please answer as soon as possible :(

07-30-2005, 11:11 AM
Flash Lite is a player for phones.

Flash MX 2004 Pro is the preferred authoring tool for Flash Lite content.

Macromedia licenses the Flash Lite player to manufacturers and phone network operators for installation on phones. Macromedia develops business and technical relationships with licensees to build a version of Flash Lite for licensee's devices. Instead of giving away a free version of the player, as on the web, Macromedia will be licensing the player, so that it is preinsalled on end user's devices. Users will not need to install the Flash Lite player on their phones.

As a developer you can buy a developer edition of the Flash Lite player for $10 USD from Macromedia's web site, which is available for a select group of phones. Not sure if 6630 is one of them. You use the developer edition to test your content.

There are currently 2 versions of Flash Lite, both being based upon Flash 4 player concept.

Flash Lite 1.0,1.1 (adds ability to load data and native Flash sound).

For more information about Flash Mobile visit the developer section of


also be sure to read the Flash Lite CDK which should help you understand the feature set of the player.