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08-04-2005, 06:49 AM
Hi Every body

i am web designer and i know Flash MX, now i try to understand what is Flash lite,

My Problam is iwould like to create screensaver for mobile device so anybody help me in that

Can tell me how i start -- I want Step by step Infromation just explain via mail my mail id is prafulka@yahoo.com or prafulka@hotmail.com

Please help me in that


Praful Damania

08-04-2005, 09:37 AM
To my knowledge, there is no special process for making a screen saver. It is just like any other mobile SWF except you would create content appropriate to be a screen saver. The issue is whether or not your target phone supports Flash screen savers, and also providing instructions for the end user to set up the SWF as a screen saver.

Currently, the devices that support screen savers largely in Japan, though we may see more of these through European imode and Vodaphone world wide networks.

Macromedia seems to describe the type of Flash implementation that supports screen savers as "standby". If you look at the device list at MM's web site you can determine the devices with this feature.


FlashLite for series 60 (v2) does not support standby and therefore does not SWF support screen savers.