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08-26-2005, 08:42 AM
Ok. So im 18 and I really enjoy going out and taking photos as a hobby. But I need money to pay for university next year. I have been fortunate enough to receive intrest in some of my pictures from the Local Environment Agency. They would like to use some of my shots in their publications and possibly to get me to go out and take some shots as they need them.

The thing is, I have no idea how much I should charge. I know this is always a torny issue and I'll get replies like "it depends how much your time is worth" etc. But really a rough figure would be nice. I mean, how much is stock photography?

Any advice or experience appreciated.

08-26-2005, 09:04 AM
It's a tricky one.

I can't say i've ever sold a photo myself but whatever you charge for use of the image, give them the opportunity to pay more for sole rights. A one off.

08-26-2005, 10:35 AM
I've dealt with a few professional photographers, and they can be quite pricy. I'd say anywhere from $500 to $1000 (usd) for a single photoshoot is probably reasonable ... maybe even a bit low. It really depends on the subject (is there a model involved or needed), the time required, any travel expenses you would pay for, etc. That's assuming they retain the rights to all images you provide to them.

As for an existing photo that someone wants to purchase, I'd say $250-500 would be comparable with rights managed pricing.

Of course, seeing as you're not a professional yet, you might want to go with a tad bit of a discounted price ... but don't sell yourself short and undercharge either. If they complain just send them out to getty and and show them how much it costs for a royalty free image that can be used by anyone on just about anything and they should come around.