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09-02-2005, 11:22 AM
Creativespeed are currently looking for fresh new talent. Based on my fellow employee’s opinions and my own we have decided to open to positions to willing talented workers. Creativespeed are looking for new staff members to assist and to work on our latest two projects ‘Speed Check’ and ‘The Life’.

Creativespeed are offering a talented bunch of people to create the highly anticipated racer ‘Speed Check’ and another group to produce the hilarious animated series ‘The Life’.

Speed Check
In the streets, there is no time out. There is only one thing you can do, race! Customize and build your car, take the race online and play with friends and communicate with each other. Create a team and lead your way to the top. Challenge players to a race, bet on what you think you can win and get ready to take your player on with amazing racing options! Speed Check is ten times the speed of its predecessor ‘Drag Racer v3’. Featuring 40 of the world’s finest rides, an online server, three inbuilt modes and more! You will never get bored of the race…
Website: www.creativespeed.net/Forum

The Life
When you thought your life was hell, think again. Meet Matt, a father of a teenage daughter and husband of a strict wife. When his life turns around, things turn to the worse. The family of 3 shares a house with the out-going Uncle Tom who is a low-paid middle-class family. With short decisions around every corner, what will happen? The series is inspired by Family Guy!
Website: www.creativespeed.net/Forum

Who are we looking for then?
Creativespeed are looking for anyone with talent!

Speed Check Jobs
Network Programmer:
Working along side the main programmer for speed check you will be charge of the online server and to create its functions to become a reality. If there is any problems occur, you will be there to fix them. You will be in charge of the online mode.

As the main programmer you will program the game’s environment (User Interface) and its functionalities (eg: racing, etc). You will work on the game to make it become a game.

Car Artist: (chronic entertainment)
Chronic Entertainment is looking for a highly talented artist to work on the cars and their parts of the game Speed Check. If you’re up for the challenge, please submit your work to the e-mail provided at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

The Life Jobs
Animators, artists and voice actors:
We’re looking for 2 talented animators to work along side three artists on the Creativespeed animation project. Besides this we want voices actors willing to take on the roles of the characters in the series!

Contact Creativespeed: Creativespeed@hotmail.co.uk
(If you have msn please add us to your account)

09-02-2005, 09:44 PM
Im interested in a job as a programer for the games you are making. I sent a email to the link above