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09-12-2005, 01:41 AM
I was wondering if i could get a quote for a school assignment on how much somone would charge for an information software package where the user could say see a map of the shopping centre and click on the the store they wish to find, it would then display information on the stores along with pictures.

If you where to make the map and all the artwork (make everything) plus profit how much would you charge! any help would be appreciated especially if the quote could be worded professionaly proffesionly!


11-09-2005, 01:18 PM
Would be 200 hundred bucks as long as I am not creating graphics from scratch. If I have to create the mall from scratch I would say $250-300.

Hope that helps. Is this something you are actually wanting to do? Cause I would do it for you if the price is right...which by the way that is negotiable...

jober -at- biblevisuals -dot- org

11-09-2005, 01:58 PM
jon, I dont think he was actually asking for this job to be done... I think he was just asking for a quote for a school assignment.

now im no expert, but, well, theres a lot of 'if's' i suppose...
what do you mean by 'software' package. are we talking about a director interface, or something like flash? Is it for web, interactive CD? interactive kiosk stall?

If its just a flash on a webpage... heres a quick invoice that has a list of charges that im making without even thinking .. so im sure ther'll be things i forgot to add... but...

(Note: these prices are australian... one american dollar is about .75 australian)
(Note: '*' indicate invoice fee's that a designer would add, just to be a tightass)

*Mall research - $60
*information collecting (about shops, locations, contact details) - $200
sketching vector maps - $320
designing flash interface - $251
*audience usability test - $300
publishing - $150
*sound recording - $100+ studio rental
*music recording and licencing - whatever a musician will charge you
*uploading - $10
*maintainance - $5 a day.

If you have any questions about what each task involves, or why they cost so much/little, feel free to ask...