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09-24-2005, 12:55 AM
First of all look at this movie in flash:


I want something like that only much better animated and more user friendly
Another difference would be that the following 3 sequences are to be animated in the movie:
Sequence 1: http://path-to-peace.com/prayer_explained.gif
Sequence 2: http://path-to-peace.com/3_witr_prayer_explained.gif
Sequence 3: http://path-to-peace.com/4_rakah_prayer_explained.gif

I will provide all the sounds and some of the images
However the animated man has to be designed from scratch
As well as the interface

Also the movie will contain a lot of the information found on this page:

Any people interested may contact me with their quotes for their estimates at akulion@gawab.com - Please mention how you wish to be paid.
Please keep in mind when making your estimates - I am not a millionaire :rolleyes: But I am an honest person and if I do employ your services, you will be paid in full and on time.

Please give references or examples of your previous works so I can decide judging by style.

Hope to hear from you soon.