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09-24-2005, 09:09 PM
I've wanted to learn photography for a while now, and now that my schedule is going to be relatively light for the next few months I might get some photography classes. Meanwhile, I was doing some cleaning around my house and I found this baby:

http://static.flickr.com/28/46240922_95469964f4_m.jpg (http://static.flickr.com/28/46240922_95469964f4_b.jpg)

It's an Olympus OM101. That's pretty much all I know. I'm checking out some of the resources in the 101 thread, but I want to go out tomorrow and buy some film and start taking some pictures, so I need some quick tips and suggestions. What kind of film should I buy? Is there anything important I should know so I don't accidentally destroy the camera or the film? I don't know the first thing about film photography...

09-25-2005, 07:56 AM
Film relative. Personally I prefer low asa as the sharpness and saturation are better

First advice is to get a uv filter or polarizer. Not only does it protect the lens from
scratches etc uv filters do just that screen out unwanted uv rays whilst polarizers
can be used to reduce glare hence give better color saturation.

09-25-2005, 11:36 AM
I just found this on the net:

The OM-101 was targeted at amateur photographers who wanted a very simple user interface with minimal controls. Even when AF/PF lenses are mounted, there is no information at all about the used shutter speed and aperture. Program shift is also missing, there is only one program so the photographer has no idea at all what the camera will select. There isn't even an AE lock function. The only influence is by a Back Light Button. With MF Zuiko lenses the camera switches to aperture preferred AE, slightly better but with the shutter speed being conceiled rather useless for serious photography. Fortunately there is the Manual Adapter 2 that allows Manual exposure, and aperture preferred AE with AF/PF lenses. A must have add-on for any serious work.
Link (http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwesson/esif/om-sif/bodygroup/om101.htm)

I just found this Manual Adapter 2 (http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwesson/esif/om-sif/phototechnicalgroup/manual_adapter_2.htm) on eBay for $45.00. Do you guys think this is worth it? Should I buy this?

One last question, for now: I like B&W photography... can I stick a roll of B&W film in this thing? If so, which one is better for outdoor photography?

09-25-2005, 03:00 PM
Hard to say.
I'd spend some time getting used to what you have before seeking out more add'ons
you may or may not want later. Funny I recall OM10's being quite the camera at the
time (much older)
B&W go for it. You might want to pick up a red filter if you are going to shoot b&w
Filters are sold by thread size. Read the thread size inside the lens
as they are not the focal length of the lens. Most photography stores sell em
EVP's post may be the most helpful to you.

09-25-2005, 09:10 PM
Personally I really enjoyed learning SLR photography using an older mechanical camera. I have an old Nikon FE2 that I still like to shoot with. It's manual focus, has an analog light meter and nothing beats the click when you fire the shutter, it's got that little kick that just isn't there on my new autos. If you want to learn I would start manual. You adjust speed, aperature, focus... and click.