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12-05-2000, 11:11 PM
Ok question. Anyone know of a good way of creating a glass effect in KoolMoves. I have tried the ole' gradient with transparency, doesn't look very good. I don't want a bitmap or to import an image, I want to create in KoolMoves. Any ideas would be appreciated.


oh-and I want something to be able to pass under that glass

12-06-2000, 02:07 PM
ok never mind, I may have come up with something, if anyone comes up with anything, please tell me


Richard W
12-06-2000, 08:09 PM
You probably already thought of this but reflections are important in making believable glass. As in the case of a body of water (e.g. a lake) the reflected image will be very transparent. Another words, it takes on a lot of color from the lake. Depending on the shape of the glass surface the reflection will be destorted, just as a brass door knob makes its reflection look like a fisheye lens view. And also there are a lot of highlights on glass, like the highlights caught by a persons eye.