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10-07-2005, 05:46 AM
Hi everyone

Mousebreaker.com is constantly on the lookout for new and original Flash games to feature on the site. If you have developed - or are in the process of developing - a game that you think might interest us, then please get in touch.

We license games on a non-exclusive basis, allowing developers to license their games elsewhere. We DO NOT require (and would not ask for) access to your source code or .fla file - we simply license a swf file. This swf file is also restricted to use on our servers, so it cannot be used by other sites. Also, we do not distribute games, or make them available to download like many other sites - you will be licensing us one copy of the swf only.

You will be paid by bank transfer once we have received the final version of the swf, and before we use the game on the website. (Please note that we do not discuss pricing publicly and appreciate it that others do the same)

Before you submit a game to us, PLEASE take a look at www.mousebreaker.com to get an idea of the style and content we look for. (This will save us both a lot of time!). Generally we look for games that have some or all of the following qualities:
- amusing, cheeky, have an element of humour
- quick to play, generally between 2 and 5 minutes maximum
- addictiveness and replay-value
- highscore functionality (we provide you with a PHP script for this, but your game must have a player score or time that can be submitted).
- Good-quality graphics (no ripped sprites please) and bug-free gameplay
- that "certain something"!

At present we're particularly looking for sports games, arcade games, puzzles and shooters. We don't generally feature fantasy or RPG games.

Please get in touch if you have a game you think we may be interested in. You can contact us via jobs_at_mousebreaker.co.uk (removing the underscores and changing the at to @). Please do not reply to this thread or PM me, we'd prefer an email.

Finally, please DO NOT send us unsolicited attachments - upload the game to your website so we can view it - and please be patient if you don't get an immediate reply!