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10-11-2005, 10:04 AM
Hey everyone, I am a freelance flash animator, and I'm just looking for someone who needs a job done in flash and is willing to PAY! I have the programs required to use special effects such as 'blur' and many others(lighting effects, transitions...). I have over 3 years experience with Flash, and around the same time with Photoshop. I'll do small to big projects from all ranges of money. You can trust me money-wise (I own a company and website, and I'm kinda famous online for my toons, so 'theiving' money is out of the question). I can take payments through Paypal or mail. I can do good work cheap, and when i'm a famous animator you could say stuff like "Tobunshi made me an animation for my site!" or "Tobunshi r0xx0rz s0 h4rd, he made me this game!!"...Or you could just thank me and give me money :D
I can do actionscript, so if you need a game just ask.
I can also do voice-acting, i've been doing it a while and have a good-quality microphone. I have programs that are nessicary for editting my voice, so I can do a large range of voices.
Well, if you're looking for someone to animate, actionscript, or do voicework (OR POSSIBLY ALL THREE?! D: ), drop me an e-mail. cheesewizard98@yahoo.com

Oh, and if you want a small sample of my work, check outwww.harshstudios.com (http://www.harshstudios.com)

I won't be checking or responding in this forum, so make sure you E-MAIL ME.

If you missed that again, it's cheesewizard98@yahoo.com