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10-22-2005, 05:25 PM
Ondraedan and I are starting a online T Shirt Shop here shortly and are looking for designers who either have their own shirt designs they'd like to see printed or people who can work with an idea we give them and illustrate it well.

We're doing the screen printing ourselves,(we're multi-talented) so we have a good deal of flexibility. The shirts will be done in mostly 1 to 3 colors, possibly 4 if the design really warrants it. We're planning on having two means of compensation, either a flat buyout fee for the design or a commision on sales depending on the designer/artwork/preference/etc. We're not made of bucks, especially starting this one out, but we definitely want to be fair.

You can submit designs you've already done, or new ones. Most other tshirt stores/contests on the web require you release all rights to a design by only submitting it, with no guarantees. With us, you retain all rights to your design unless we choose to purchase it. Then of course, we'll need rights to the design and a release for reproduction. We do require that your design be unique to our store, though special exceptions may apply.

If you're interested in submitting current designs you have or working up designs based on your own ideas you can submit samples in JPG or GIF format and your purchase price or your preference for commission to submissions@wiredch.com.

If you're an exceptional vector illustrator and you can develop a design based on a specific description provided by us, I would be very interested in hearing from you as well. We have a very specific style we're looking for in this, here are a couple examples of the quality of work we are looking for:


Those designs are more complex than anything we would be interested in, what I really want to point out is the shading of those images. We're going for witty designs with excellent shading.

We have several concepts that we would like to see developed.

Any designs that make it to our catalog will credit the creator on the website as well on each individual shirt. Finished designs will have to be provided in .ai format or .psd at 300 dpi.

Our website will be coming online in the near future at: rewiredstyle.com (http://www.rewiredstyle.com) and NoOrdinaryRabbit.com (http://www.noordinaryrabbit.com) - a coming soon splash is up now.

Thanks for sticking with me, we have big plans for this! There's alot of you I already have my eye on I hope to get the chance to work with you all. We want to make this a real community for designers, not a corporate funnel to take advantage of them.


10-22-2005, 05:48 PM
and this is related to a Flash project how???

10-22-2005, 06:36 PM