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Randy Crane
12-06-2000, 06:21 PM
I am interested in koolmoves as a charactor drawing and animation program. (arms & leg movement) Is this the good program for this type application.

I am interested in your opinions


12-06-2000, 07:38 PM
Yes It is.

Kool Moves is Pretty Ideal for such animation. The tool itself will not instantly make you an excelent animator though. There are some examples of charecter animation in these links:

Brad has a page called "Ameba2D" of a young woman moving her arm here:


a rough example of someone swimming:


and then there is the Kool Kit istself here with some examples:


and then there is some of my work- which I am horribly bad at keeping updating in this thread:


and Evol Beagle has some work that he has submited as have others.

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12-06-2000, 07:53 PM
Oh yeah,

you can download the trail version from the Kool Move web page at this URL: http://www.koolmoves.com

It takes 5 mins with a dial up (The download is only 1 meg). The trial version will not allow you to save or paste to file but will allow you to export to SWF (the export is watermarked).

Richard W
12-07-2000, 12:16 AM
Randy- As one of its creators, I am proud to say that KoolMoves has got alot going for it as a character drawing and animation tool. Both its interface and functionality are designed to streamline the animation production. The ability to move, rotate and perform other transforms on collections of points as well as objects accelerates key frame creation for morph based tweening. And this type of tweening is the default work mode rather than an option one has to spend time invoking key frame after key frame. Recently, hierachical grouping was implemented, which is especially good for arm & leg movement. And, at Johnie's prompting, we borrowed the power and flexibility of our text effect interface for the compositing process. As a result, if you create libraries of walk cycles or other reusable movements for a given character, inserting them into another movie becomes much easier. You can specify what x,y location, frame and duration they will have. But, no doubt, the best is yet to come. Take a look at the Wish List on this forum. It leans heavily in the direction of features that support character animation. Feel free to add some of what you want in an animation tool. We definitely take those suggestions to heart.

12-07-2000, 12:25 AM
Definetly a great animation tool. I love it. It has a simple interface and powerful abilities. The drawing tools are wonderful. Keyframes and tweening are easily accomplished and the automorphing makes things easier. And learning the program is easy, and its full of suprises. But enough of me praising the program, download the trial and test it, then buy it, hey its only $29 a heck of a deal for what you can create.


Randy Crane
12-07-2000, 10:58 AM
I have had the chance to work a little with moho and animationstand. Eventhough they seem like good programs, how would you compare them to koolmoves. As well are there any tutorials available for koolmoves?

12-07-2000, 11:54 AM
Well the main difference is price.

Moho is $99

Animation Stand is free(download) for Personal addition, the professional is $595 and the Cinema is $5995

KoolMoves is $29

Now as far as the programs abilities go.

Well Animation Stand is great, I like its interface, but it has a steep learning curve.And is very expensive. I would recommend downloading the free version and using that for you make any decisions.The help documentation is very good but didn't really help me in learning the program.

Moho is a great program, the bones allow for animation easily, though it also has a pretty steep learning curve.
And the documentation is very poor the tutorials that come with it are a joke. Though a guy named Myles has a pretty good site with a few tips, no real tutorials for the program.Plus this program has no sound ability, so no sound clips or voice sync here.

Finally KoolMoves. The learning curve for KoolMoves is small you can get a simple animation out in no time. The help documentation isn't that great as far as animation goes, but I know that is in the process of being fixed.
There are some tutorials at KoolKit-the resource site for KoolMoves. And more are being added every day. Also I and a few others are in the process of producing an online book for KoolMoves which will go into detail on how to produce animation in KoolMoves. Sound editing it possible.

I like animating in all of there programs, but I find KoolMoves the easiest to animate in. Moho can easily create animations, but it takes awhile to learn how to use the bones properly.

Well thats it.

I hope that I helped.