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07-05-2000, 09:50 AM
hello everyone

i have a problem with importing .ai files to swift3d. i import them successfully but it seems that the imported object has no name and cannot be animated. i know it sounds like i am a dumbass but what is going on? how do i give it a name???? i have read the entire manual for swift3d...i can animate things...but only things created in swift3d so far....please help....thanks in advance


07-05-2000, 10:45 AM
Wait a second...

First, save your file as an .eps. (Make it like a Illustrator 5/5.5 .eps file too.)

then you should just be able to import it fine. Sometimes, swift doesn't quite focus the cmaera on the object correctly so you should clikc the zoom to window (or whatever the hell that button's called) and it'll show up... let me know if that helps...

(And when Did adobe come out with Illustrator 9!? Damn... I spend more money on friggen software... sigh.)

07-05-2000, 11:42 AM
yeah that fixed it. it may say you can use .ai but it doesn't seem like you can. .eps is the way. adobe keep pumping out those products...

swift3d is basic as hell, although 3d flash isn't exactly ancient so what can you expect....roll on 2.0.....


Steve Zytariuk
07-06-2000, 12:25 AM
Swift 3D may be basic man but it's only ment to really do one thing. Make life a whole lot easier like swish has done.


07-06-2000, 04:43 AM
isn't all good software supposed to make life easier? maybe im just a foolish dreamer...i still wouldn't say no to swift3d 2.0....