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Randy Crane
12-07-2000, 11:05 AM
Why would someone use koolmoves vs flash? Is there somethings that koolmoves makes easier than Flash does. Please explain!


12-07-2000, 12:49 PM
1. Ease of use for those who are familure to graphic and drawing programs like Illustrator or Corel Draw. Kool Moves has a Graphic Aplication GUI while as Flash is geared more towards programers. The learning curve on Kool Moves is signifigantly lower than the learning curve of Flash. Kool Moves is also a lot more animator friendly than Flash is. Animation work flow can be drastically speeded up with the use of Kool Moves.

2. Text effects Engine. Kool Moves has a built in Text effects engine. That means that you don't have to switch to another third party tool for text effects. Kool Moves comes with a wide selsction of premade text effects but you can also create your own and re-use them.

3. Reusability. Kool Moves allow you to draw a character or shape once then paste to file (You can also paste series of Frames to file). Those componets now can be easily placed into any new or current Kool Move project.

4. Auto Optimazation. The twens produced from Kool Moves are auto optimized making file size smaller.

5. Cost: Flash is about $300 while Kool Moves is about $30

The real question would be while would someone want to use Flash over Kool Moves:

The answer to that question is:

1. Kool Moves only has Flash 3's interactivity and actions. So if you want advanced actionscripts you will have to use Flash. Then again you can interact with and control other objects on the page with Javascript so you may decide that you will persue that route instead of Using Flash. Especially since it is possible to have A Kool Moves produced SWF's that control a Java Applets.

2. Size of SWF's Kool Moves can only produce smaller (less then 800 k) SWF's.

3. Product name recogonition. Many Flash designers are not going to mention the use of Kool Moves on a resume or portfolio becuase at this time the general Flash Design community has not heard of the product or the use of the product has negative conotation within the community (AKA the mention of Swish effects done at Flash forward. The point of the lecture was to say that there should be less Flying text effects in presentations and while there are many tools that create Text Effects; Flax, Wildform SWFX, and Swish- only Swish was mentioned and bashed becuase it is probably the most well known. If you haven't noticed yet Flash users typically are bad about bashing 3'rd party tools in general. Live Motion gets Bashed, Corel Rave has been Bashed, Swish gets bashed, etc.) . It would be like a profesional Graphic designer Producing a masterpiece and then anounce that they did it with Paint Shop Pro or the Gimp. Even though profesional quality work can be achieved with Paint Shop Pro and the Gimp the industry standard is Photo Shop and thus these programs and the work produced with them are discounted.

Randy Crane
12-07-2000, 10:10 PM
Hey Johnie thanks so much for all the information. It has made my decision to purchase koolmoves that much easier. If I have other questions regarding animation would you have any objection to me contacting you through e-mail directly?

Thanks again Randy

Bob Hartzell
12-08-2000, 06:16 AM
2. Size of SWF's Kool Moves can only produce smaller (less then 800 k) SWF's.
-> I can easily increase the size limit if that is desireable.

12-08-2000, 10:08 AM
Could you make the size bigger?
I would like it because, I can create standalone(EXE) ebooks that could be 1-3 megs.

That would be COOL!

Originally posted by Bob Hartzell
2. Size of SWF's Kool Moves can only produce smaller (less then 800 k) SWF's.
-> I can easily increase the size limit if that is desireable.

12-08-2000, 11:18 AM
Randy, that would be okay.