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11-26-2005, 04:52 AM
Okay, so I have done 3 flash templates so far, which various clients of mine have purchased and asked me to customize to their site. Before doing those 3, I had no flash experience (aside from installing StudioMX20004 some time ago when it first came out and I purchased it). It was a nightmare, but I got it working as it was supposed to (most of the implied features in the template were not implemented, such as a login area which didn't have any way to accept logins, a gallery looking area with no actual gallery to link to, etc.)

Since the first one, I played with flash some, and found I enjoy it more than I thought, and so have continued to learn, and have made a few very amateur flash based sites so far, nothing for any clients. I had a couple of others who saw the first template based site I modified and wanted a flash site, so I was honest, told them if they wanted on of that quality from me, it would have to be another template. The next two were as much of a headache as the first one, in different ways but overall the same thing - I think it is poor design, but maybe it is just my inexperience.

This latest one, however, is killing me. I have spent hours and hours on it, and haven't even started to get it customized (outside of the easy bits - changing graphics through the library). I can't even find the content pages to edit the text which isn't called from the library!

So, I figured I would come here for help. I can't afford to pay much, but I am not asking for a complete design, and not even for the customization really - what I am hoping for is someone to open it up, analyze the site and tell me where / how to make the changes (and maybe throw in some labeling, like layer names and frame names), so I can customize it myself. I want to learn from this, not take credit for someone else's work or even simply pass the buck.

My client is only paying me $70 for this job (above having already purchased the template), for various reasons - usually I would charge a lot more, but it is a special circumstance (don't really want to go into the details). I could theoretically part with all of that but I would prefer keeping some for myself, since I have invested about 14 hours so far and will be putting in another few dozen hours once I get it untangled, I suppose.

I have a zip file of the entire template, including HTML and PSD files if needed, but I am thinking the .fla file will be all you need - I can send either to whomever is willing to help for such a low wage, but I will want to make sure you're serious about it and can do it first, as I don't want to just give this template away for free - I do respect copyrights.

Please either post here, PM me, or email me at kargrafx @ gmail.com.


11-29-2005, 12:32 AM
Okay... I continued to work with the flash template after making that post, and after about 9 hours total time, I found out exactly how he had laid it out. It was very confusing for me at first, but once I saw his methods, it became easy (or, easier) to unravel everything. I then spent 4 hours getting everything labeled (nothing had labels or scene names, etc).

I did get a couple of offers at very generous rates, but they came too late to assist me - which is probably for the best. Even though it took me a lot longer than I am sure it would have taken anyone else here, I did figure it out and learned much more that way, I am sure.

Thanks for the help!