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Happy Pixel
12-26-2005, 12:24 AM
Alright I got a Quantaray AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 LD Tele-Macro lens for christmas. I'm trying to get close ups of things and if I place the lens 10" away from the subject it doesnt want to focus. I am able to focus on things that are like 5' away. Is this the way these lenses work? I was thinking that you could place the lens close to the subject in order to take pictures but that doesnt seem the case, unless i'm doing something wrong. I'm using a EOS Digital Rebel. If anyone could help me out with this that would be great.

12-26-2005, 12:55 AM
I have a 70-300 tamron, there's a switch on the side that i turn to macro, and generally have to stand a few feet back from the subject in order to focus. You should still be able to get pretty close up/clear macros.

12-26-2005, 02:03 AM
I have a 105 macro and the closest distance to the object I can get is 11".
It is the way the lenses enlarge the object that makes a macro and not the distance to the object.
Your 10" does not sound irregular to me.

Happy Pixel
12-26-2005, 02:43 AM
Thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna play around with this little toy for a bit. Also I'm not that familiar with macro lenses but is quantaray a good brand? Or should I go for a Canon Macro since I have a canon camera?

12-26-2005, 02:55 AM
I have never heard of Quantaray before...pretty unknown here in Germany.
You said you got it for Christmas, means you only have it since 1 day.
You should use it a while and find out yourself if it brings acceptable results before you start thinking of getting a different one...I guess the person you got it from wouldn't go all crazy about your idea! LOL!!

12-29-2005, 12:40 AM
Ive got a 70-300mm Sigma w/ "Macro". Im sure your Quantaray is a similar lense. Its really just a telephoto, with a macro feature that allows it to focus at a shorter distance. For example my simga with macro off focuses at 59.1", with the macro on, it locks the lense to 200-300mm and focuses down to 37.4" giving you a 200-300mm "Macro" with 1:2 magnification.

So in the end if you want a true macro, you're gonna need a dedicated macro lense.

Happy Pixel
01-02-2006, 04:02 PM
Well I went and got a different one. I got a Quantaray - 50mm f/2.8 AF Macro for EOS Canon which is a lot better for macro then the last one. Its real nice being able to get up close with the subject as apposed to the last one which you had to step back at least a foot.
Here's one that I took of my dog. Looks a little frightened. :)

01-02-2006, 04:17 PM
haha great photo :D