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07-05-2000, 11:17 PM
hey there, little problem i have is as follows, i have created an auto exec (pc only) which upon you putting a cd in runs the desired flashMovie.exe with fs command and full screen = true. What i want to do is no matter what the resulotion, my movbie will always stay 500 by 5-- with black border around it. I have tried to create the movie as a MC and then embed into main scene, then in main scene i make x-sclae and y scale for the MC but this will alway only be relative to the fullscreen size, HELP PLEASE

Pope de Flash
07-06-2000, 12:25 AM
Try this. Have your main movie set as a base movie (empty) and in the first frame have it go full screen. In the second frame have the movie load your movie into a movie clip set the x and y scale at 500 pixels and center it on the stage using the x and y property. This should work. Regards, Bill