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07-06-2000, 10:28 AM
HI everyone,
I've created a movie to be used as an introduction to presentations, meetings, etc, etc...
And I'm having some problems synchronizing the sound. I have a preloader, an unlooped song that plays streamed on frame one, and some event sounds throughout the movie.
It's online for now:

(don't go there if you don't have a fast connection...the sound's very heavy)

but the idea is to make it a .exe.

On my PC at work with a fast connection, the timing is perfect. The music ends where it should end. On my mac at home with a 56K connection, the sound seems to stream in faster and the music ends half-way through the movie (which is how it is in the actual movie test too). What can I expect to happen when I make it an exe? This will probably never be seen on-line since it's too heavy and I can't test the exec just yet because I can't seem to open it on a PC after I created it on a Mac (that problem is on another board).
Any ideas?


Steve Zytariuk
07-06-2000, 11:44 AM
There is a saying "Keep it simple stupid" :D

Don't push aside the 56kers out there, they still have the domination on the net when it comes to who is using what.

Fact: "United States is 7 years behind Canada in fiber optics"


07-06-2000, 12:15 PM
If you need to you can upload your movie in swf format to a public server that you can just enter the exact URL and it will play the movie in your browser whether it be a Mac or PC. Cheers, Steve