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12-20-2006, 08:54 PM
just read a post on ALA (http://alistapart.com/stories/practicalcss/) regarding how to create a simple thumbnail gallery using CSS.

while the styling of the CSS provided on ALA seems to render the same on both FF and IE, the original code renders slightly different.

everything seems to work fine except for the padding around the caption, underneath the image.

there is more space around then caption when viewed in IE.

please look at this link (http://zain.namasteinteractive.com/artists_gallery_template.html) where the html + css is hosted - (view source)

can you make out anything that could be adjusted to fix this tiny bug?

really appreciate if you could help out a little here.

been at this for the last couple of days, :yikes:
and now really dead with any ideas to fix this tiny issue :-/

thanx for your time,

12-20-2006, 10:08 PM
You need to add a margin to div.float p. Something like this

div.float p {
font-size: 9px;
text-align: center;