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07-08-2000, 11:05 PM
Q. Can I decrease the amount of faces that an object has?

Example. If I create just one word 'headworks' and put a nice gentle spin on it, it ends up being made of so many tiny vector shapes that the movie is around 2megs for just 50 frames of animation!

I have noticed that swift also outputs gradients, why does it not span complete sides using a single gradient texture, instead of chopping them up into tiny fragments.

Q. Am I redering it for output using the wrong settings or what?


07-09-2000, 03:42 AM
After you put your text in the viewport, with the text selected, select the bevels option on the left. There is a slider for the smoothness. Move it to course and there will be less little vector lines.

As for the little tiny gradients, that is probably because you are using the Mesh Shader. If you use any of the other ones, there won't be any little gradients per polygon. Just one per surface or area. The Area Shading is cool because it will put one gradient per flat surface.