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01-05-2007, 02:16 AM
I have a website that contains a published SWF file in an HTML page. The top of the HTML page has a couple banner menus. My SWF file takes up the rest of the page when displayed in a browser.

I usually use MAC but when I check the page on Windows IE my page looks fine at first until a menu item within the SWF file is selected. My SWF code executes correctly but IE scrolls down to where the SWF portion begins. The
HTML is still there but the visitor has to scroll up.

On Mac I don't have this problem.

Has anyone encountered problems with Windows IE running a published Flash MX 2004 file? Also I've had problems getting a published SWF file that is wider than 1000 pixels to run on IE. Again, my Mac browser works fine but on Windows IE if the main stage is wider than 1000 pixels the visitor just sees a blank rectangle where the Flash SWF should be running.
If I shrink my stage to below 1000 pixels it runs fine on Windows IE.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


01-07-2007, 04:39 PM

I checked your site in Opera 9.10, the site does not seem to scale at all, i have to scroll right to see content as well as up and down, i have viewed your source code and it looks as though you have used divs within tables, so if you are trying to code the divs to scale and the table are set to a different size this may explain why your sight does not scale? just a thought