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07-09-2000, 10:57 AM
Hi, i need a 3d orange swirl made and i would do it myself only i dont have the programs to do it. Would it be possible for anyone to make me a 3d spiining swirl for my site ( http://www.gingerswirl.co.uk ) In return i will place whoever makes me ones site advert onto my site and a link to it on the links part. I really need a spinng swirl and as i said i would be very grateful!
stevie calder


07-09-2000, 02:57 PM
hi ya ginger

i just went to your site... i didnt do any major test.... and it may just be me being a plum / or my browser playin games..

.. but i think there may be an error in you java script when using Netscape......

I had to view the code to get into the site

kind regards

and ill give the swirl ago at work tommorow if is nice ... ill send it over.... right im off to play some footie

later mate

07-09-2000, 03:16 PM
Sorry about that error. Dunno why it was doing that. My site was designed for IE 4 and above but i will try to improve it for netscape browsers. As for the 3d thing, i would be grateful if ya could make one! i got that software "Blender" but i aint got a clue how to use it! Anyway cya later!i checkedout youre site, Very cool drag and drop you got going there!
i got to learn Actionscript!

stevie calder


Pope de Flash
07-09-2000, 08:35 PM
What do you want the swirl to do? do you want it to go around and around like a pin wheel or do you want it to rotate? Let me know. Regards, Bill

07-10-2000, 04:49 AM
I would like the swirl to be orange and having it rotate 360 degrees and keep rotating. An example would be the 3d NG on http://www.newgrounds.com. If you could do that for me then i would be very grateful. If u send me your ad for your site then i will put it onto my site.

stevie calder

07-10-2000, 05:48 AM
is ginger@ecosse.net you mail address.....
... because thats where ive sent your swirl...... I bet a tenner the swirl is all wrong........ but hey... i gave it a wizz....

I wonder when the sun is gonna twig on to the fact that its july.... and it should be sunny..not raining.......

Pope de Flash
07-10-2000, 09:07 AM
That swirl on the nrg site is done in photoshop. I will do if for you just thought you would like to know. Regards, Bill

07-10-2000, 09:30 AM
Hey Steve, sent you an email with a swirl I made... (Damn I love making weird stuff in 3D... and I'm not sure why.... hahahahaha)


07-10-2000, 10:31 AM
Thanks for the 3d swirls i have been sent! If u send me and a flash ad for your sites then i will happily place them on my links page!
thanks again!

Stevie Calder
ginger@ecosse.net (yip thats my email address!)