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07-10-2000, 03:32 AM
i am getting ready to complete my portfolio to hand in to a university that i am applying at. i have a few touch ups that i could use some help with...

1. how can i align the projector window
2. how can i make that damn dos window, at the least, minimized so it is not so obvious.
3. is there any way to make the borders disapear as well as the title bar.

i do not want to use any of the flash jestor software, as i regard it as crap. i have used both jugglor and Jtools and neither have worked for me. please help if you can. also, i can be reached on icq at 14104124.

Pope de Flash
07-10-2000, 08:50 AM
If you have used jugglor, what happend? I use it all the time and have no problems at all. If I can help let me know. Some of the path stuff can get confusing but other than that its straight forward. Let me know if I can help. Regards, Bill

07-10-2000, 02:58 PM
i had tons of problems with jugglor. the first was that when i tried to centre the window and take out the borders, the following happened. when i clicked the link labeled back, it would open up an entirely new window inside my existing project. the second problem was with the icon. it completely lowered the quality of the icon i had made and had put on my project with exescope. as for j tools. i completely understood how to make the program work, and i followed all instructions and still it would not work, even after the movie was patched

Pope de Flash
07-10-2000, 06:15 PM
Look, I was just trying to help you out. I have had zero problems with the product and have used it for 10 or 11 projects now. All CD based. They have worked fine. There is a little deal with using the (Local%20) in the path that is not documented well that may have given you problems. You need this in order to run the extra movies and files off the CD as the runtime exe is loaded to the temp file and then played from there. I dont know if thats where you ran into trouble. I don't know what is going on with the code in your back button and I have not had a problem with centering the projector or anyother attributes to the program. If I can help in any other way let me know. There is a tut on projectors in the tutorials area that may lend you a hand in some of your questions. Regards, Bill