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07-11-2000, 06:14 AM
OK this is currently driving me mad, and I can't believe that Flash won't have this function, but I'm trying to make a projector file that runs on CD. Now, the problem is that I want the file to call on several executables that are nested in different folders in whatever the root drive of the CD would be (Not everyone has their CD drive as drive D)

So, I've sussed that I need to use the FS command EXEC, but when I type in the full root of where each executable is

for example..


(being a subdirectory called "test" in the root directory of whatever the CD drive is, then a file in that subdirectory called "test.exe")

so my action script looks like

on (press)
fs command ("exec", "../test/test.exe")
end on

BUt when this is published and tried, the damned thing just CANNOT RECOGNISE THE SUBDIRECTORY!

Anyone got a solution to this? I can't have everything in the root directory of the CD drive because it would be way too cluttered. Don't tell me I have to resort to writing batch files to do this because I just won't believe it!

Any answers gratefully recieved!


07-11-2000, 06:39 AM
OK so it was a case of me having...

My slashes around the wrong way!

I played around in DOS for a while until I sussed that the problem was just my syntax

in the end this is what I ended up typing...

on (press)
fs command ("Exec", "subdirectory\subdirectory\something.exe")
end on

Er, just in case this helps anyone else who has problems getting directory trees sorted out..