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12-26-2000, 08:15 PM
I'm still working on my flash teaser for the movie website I'm doing. I've been adding some elements together and putting in some sounds. While doing this it has really hit me what a great interface this program has. For instance, take the sounds and actions box (or what ever you call it). I can see what scene I'm starting the sound on. I can play the sound to make sure I've got the right one. It shows me how long the sound lasts. It's really well done. If this intro winds up sucking, it won't be because of Bob or KoolMoves.

While I'm talking about this project, if anybody has a moment to check how it's coming so far, I'd like to know if the snippets of movie dialogue are understandable. I'm having to pull them from a second generation copy of an early edit tape, etc, etc., so I'm not sure if the quality is good enough. This project still needs more work and more sounds, but if you could at least comment on this one thing, I'd appreciate it.


Bob Hartzell
12-26-2000, 08:35 PM
Richard and I plan to offer more views of the animation so that managing the multimedia elements will be easier. For example, buttons actions and sounds are a problem because they are buried, particularly if the buttons are transparent.

Some improvements will be occurring in the next version: per Johnie's request, the elapsed time associated with the frame will be prominently displayed and the mouse cursor position will be displayed on the status bar or, in the case of rotation transformation, the angle.

So stay tuned for future interface improvements.