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07-12-2000, 06:47 AM
Hi, does anyone know of any freeware 3D graphics programs that work with Flash4? Or if anyone knows of any "un-free" ones that would also help me....they gotta work with Flash4 though!

07-12-2000, 10:41 AM
Yeah i know one its called swift 3d trail wich is free but it wont last forver probaly a 30 day trail anyway its not out yet what i want to know is when so keep cheacking up on my posted message when it does come out it will be at this web site

07-12-2000, 12:57 PM
Please see the new thread titled "Swift 3D Trial - Electric Rain Update"

07-13-2000, 01:25 PM
www.ulead.com cool3d v3 15 day trial fully functioning import as sequenced .bmp or gifs into flash