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12-31-2000, 01:22 AM
Hey Bob, or to anyone that can help
I like your footer im currently working on a stick figure thing and i really bad want to know how to make my stick figures look that good.. plz help there are no tutorials here

12-31-2000, 01:51 AM
I could email you my Stiggy .fun files, the animation which you can see at the koolkit site. They are stick figure animations? if you would like me too, then email me direct at rebmahc2@yahoo.com


Bob Hartzell
12-31-2000, 10:27 AM
The co-developer of Koolmoves, Richard, did the footer. It was based on a martial arts animation from a teenager. It was created before we implemented symbols. Each body element is a font character so the swf would be small in size. A replacement footer is in the design stage.

I will be starting to develop bones in a week or so which when implemented will make such animation easier.

The issue of tutorials is always pressing. Richard and I talked about it yesterday. The problem with tutorials is the need to have in the background the KoolMoves screen interface. As a full screen background image it takes up a lot of KBytes.

I believe there is a link to general animation techniques (one of Johnie's links) at http://www.koolmoves.com/tutorials.html