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12-31-2000, 02:30 AM
as you can see im not new to flashkit but i am new to this forem so whats it all about?

12-31-2000, 10:04 AM
I'm new to flash(Koolmoves)and am not getting the import graphics down. Can't find vector based and when I do afer attempting to import error message says it must have been a bitmap image anyway. The graphics I do import act as a background if I inlarge them and unable to rotate. Don't know of and good free Vector based image galleries. Maybe you can warp a few over to me.

Bob Hartzell
12-31-2000, 10:35 AM
This is from the clipart section of the KoolMoves help:

You can get free vector clipart from http://www.arttoday.com and http://www.clipartdownload.com

You can purchase single clipart images from http://www.eyewire.com/clipart/

Corel publishes several large clipart art collections

Rotation of images has not been implemented yet but will be soon.

To answer the first question of this thread. KoolMoves is an easy to use, inexpensive flash authoring tool, found at http://www.koolmoves.com