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07-15-2000, 02:04 PM
Greetings to all fellow Flash lovers;

What I am looking for:
I want to have a flash movie containing about 50 or more pages of text content properly formatted in two coloumns per page like a news paper. A plesent amimation to the text is ok though not necessary. I do not want to load the text from an external file as it will create more files than needed. If someone can help me please email me and also attach a fla with a readme for better understanding, as I am a little weak in actionscipt.


Why I am looking for:
I am in the process of making a diskmag, a magazine that you can down load to your harddik and then view off line with a starting intro and lots of useful articles on various topics and more. I plan to make this effort of mine opensource, that is eventually putup the fla for newbies to learn (imagine how useful it will be). This is going to be a marathon effort. Please help me by contributing articles on flash (there is a special section dedicated to flash) and on other computer related articles, or even general stories or a new discovery. Tell the world about your flash site that you just completed. All articles sent by you will feature YOUR NAME AND EMAIL on it (or handles if you prefer).

So please join me in this venture tell it to your friends. You can help in every possible way either by writing coloumns, articles, graphics, intros, flas, technical guidence, even make a web site !!

Please feel free to email me:

activex@planetmail.com (I reply to every email I recieve)

Thank you.