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07-16-2000, 10:40 PM
Anyone know of a good 3d studios max tutorial, or swift 3d tutorial, or freehand 9 tutorial. I am trying to get started in the 3d design world of flash but i need some help cause i am VERY new to 3d. :eek:

07-17-2000, 01:19 PM
www.3dcafe.com is a good place to start for tutorials regarding 3d and www.freehandsource.com is good place to start for freehand as is macromedia own site regards to swift3d manual is worth reading and playing with it certainly helps its a start

07-17-2000, 02:08 PM
Thanks that's just what i needed! :cool:

Steve Zytariuk
07-17-2000, 09:29 PM
If you try to go the route of taking online tutorials you will quickly find yourself confused and frustrated. I STRONGLY suggest you run over to chapters.ca or somthin and pick up a big fat book on it. :(