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Naked inc.
01-19-2001, 12:52 AM
first i would like to thank Mark f..aka---> Flashkit.
Mark Fennel the man behind Flashkit who made this all possible, cheers to you !

to start out this post i want to expand on Mark Fennel, no this is not a** kissing !
think for a moment on the very short history of FK, a dream and an idea brought to fruition by Mark and many contributions by people like yourself, in 1 short year we have become the largest comunity on the web 102k and growing stronger every day.
so think for a moment the way FK has expanded your knowledge,... not only of Flash but of of the many personalities of the net, i personally have laughed and cried on this very site, which has proven to be a great relief from the everyday grind we all call life.
i thank Mark F and all members who have contributed to this site in a way as to exemplify the way "we" as a community can rise above the mediocre and bring out the best of everyone... even from the distance that we are all seperated.
( we have had trouble with some members and the result has worked out to be a very fair way of dealing with the troubles that some have brought to this community...the way in which FK and the Mods and even the Members have dealt with the troubles can in some ways be an example to the rest of the world as to the human in 'humankind')
which brings me to the original theme of this post.

who can say what the future of the net is...
well....i believe that it can be determined quite easily,
and Flashkit believe it or not..has made a big impact as to the direction of the next development cycle on the net.
Are "we" the Future of the net?
think for a moment....
FK has had quite a year, and the way we have grown has made a huge impact on the future, we have just not seen yet the results of our contributions...FK has members of all ages from all parts of the world...do you not think that every word and contribution has made a difference? if this all seems to you to be unimportant perhaps you are in the wrong forum or on the wrong site.. maybe it is just that you have not taken the time to be thankful for the ways in which FK has helped you.
so please think for a moment...

thank you for reading this....the future is ????
you deside.

this post will be continued with important information

agent vivid
01-19-2001, 01:36 AM
Originally posted by Naked inc.
Are "we" the Future of the net?

if you feel you are, then you are -imho... now's the time to assert yourself on the web... the future of the net gets here quicker than anyone can imagine... don't miss out :D

as far as our community goes... i'd have to say that it is hands-down one of the premiere web communities available... it's good to see we can overcome hurdles (like the size issue)...

01-19-2001, 02:09 AM
Naked Inc, wow, that's some very deep thinking there. I've never told anyone their post was deep, I've read thousands and thousands of posts here, not many have really grabbed me, that's only becuase of how I think and who I am.

You've got some excellent thoughts there, really great to see you thinking like that.

It's true, Flashkit is bringing so many people together, it's doing something that we may not entirely see right now.
But above all, it's educating all of us in a global sense.

The two best things I've gotten out of Flashkit in that global sense are: 1)Met so many interesting and excited people around the world. 2)Been able to really feel that even though we are all different-different cultures, thoughts, dreams, desires, talents, outlooks on life-there's one common bond between all of us that choose computers and flash and visit Flashkit: communication.

Communication is the common thread that we all have tying us together. Communicating with our words, with our websites, with our struggles to make something tween, the simple things we learn when we're starting out with Flash.

That aspect of communication combined with the diversity of such a global perspective is something I hope everyone realizes about what this website does.

I'm going to leave it at that or else I'll be up for the next two or three hours writing a novel (or novella as I used to call my posts) on this topic.

Take Care,


01-19-2001, 03:28 AM
Yep, Naked great thought provoking post. I guess I had not thought of it that way and I echo the sentiments of mg33. FK works because Mark and the team develop the site and the community shares its work and generates fresh new content for all. Members here are responsible and it really works as a self regulating community. I have learnt so much about so many places and have made great friends through this site that I would not have thought possible a year ago, I guess is new form of "religion" where people from different cultures, age groups, and timezones are brought together by a common interest. I just hope that we can all continue to stay on the path and look forward to seeing where we will end up.

01-19-2001, 09:59 AM
who can say what the future of the net is...
well....i believe that it can be determined quite easily,
and Flashkit believe it or not..has made a big impact as to the direction of the next development cycle on the net.
Are "we" the Future of the net?
think for a moment...

I've been thinking about this issue for the last few weeks since I returned from England. Personaly there are two things that have changed my way of thinking in relation with web development, Cre@te Online and especially FK.

However, I foresee two possible directions, one positive, another one negative.

Positive, because we learn from people around the world, not only about design but about "localization" (We understand much more than a site will be successful if is more "general", more apt to reach people from different cultures). We improve our approach to other cultures thanks to places like CL. We include in our mind new ways of design thanks to places like Site Check.
I am myself a much more open person than when I entered in August. I had a few prejudices against two or three countries that have disappeared thanks to all of you!

The negative is probably a stupid statement of mine, correct me if I am wrong... FK is becoming the place where designers of all around meet. Lots of the sites of these designers are checked in SC. Are we creating a standard way of understanding design? Because if I am not mistaken, to standardize is the opposite of to innovate??

I hope this is understood in the correct manner... As I said is just an oppinion and it's probably wrong anyways! :D


01-20-2001, 12:24 AM
I somewhat agree with you there Phooka. While Flashkit is an all around great place to meet people, learn, and just hang out it does contribute to standardizing design.

Don't get me wrong, Flashkit is my most frequented site and I'd be nowhere without it.

We ask each other what good design is and what makes a great site and after time the definition of great design is replaced with a few inidividual opinions of what is good. That in turn makes others think, "oh, so that is what great design is".

In my opinion I think the only great design comes from one who doesn't listen to what others SAY is good design and only focuses on the art and the functionality.

I don't come here to see a group of people with the same opinion of what is good. I come here to hear a vast range and with that in mind I'm free to come to my own conclusions.

I think I just got off on a rant there, so i'll stop :)

Anyways, the future of the net is and always will be how we mold it. I'm not trying to sound egotistical here but the enormous number of us here ARE the future of the net because we're growing up with it. Soon the child becomes the nurturer and we have the power to make the internet as good or as bad as we want it to be. There will always be fluxuations in business and economy but all it takes is a community like we have to keep it alive.