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01-22-2001, 02:18 PM
Under no law in this united states does it say that a 22 year old has to have his parets permission before becomeing a member of anything. I stress the fact that if the people who built/ and maintane this site knew anything about javascript, php/mysql, perl/cgi, or anything else they would know that there are ways of setting a form to agree or dissagree to someones request unless the the prober requirements are met.
Here is my suggestion,
You set the form, Like most sites, to have a section that askes for your age, if the aplicant puts an age under your requirement it should then be set to an underage signup page. And if the aplicant is over the required age it is sent to a grown ups page. I am sorry but I am not going to print out a letter and sign it just to become a member of a web site. I have more important things to spend my valued time on.. I just think you should review the site and try to make some changes to your sing up process. "thats just my opinion, I may be wrong"

01-27-2001, 01:20 PM
I think that you are talking about the COPPA form.

If you are then you only *have* to sign it etc *if* you are under the age of 13.

Now as you are "clearly" over the age of 13 :confused: then I dont know what you are making a fuss about.