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01-27-2001, 11:22 PM
Hello all,

My name is Clint and I am a newbie to this site. I am a amature flash wannabe. I have grade 12 but I have not gone to post secondary yet. I want to get into web design but more flash oriented. I want to know if you guys think there is a big demand for web devolpers and designers with flash. I am going for interviews next week to private colleges to see what they offer. I would love to hear what you guys and gals think. Thanks

Clinton Walford

Chris Murray
01-28-2001, 08:58 PM
Hi Clint.

I have been in the Flash game a whille now and have seen some major changes in it's demand and usage on the web.

The problem we all face is that the web is an open market. It is not like TV or radio. It has no governing body. If we want to put something on the web, we don't have to seek professionals and get in touch with people in the know. We can do it ourselves. Anyone with a computer can do it.

It is attitudes like this which are changing the way work is produced for the web. Companys in general make little money from the web. Having a presence is essetial, but the monetry benefits are poor at best.

This in mind companies are less and less willing to shell out on expensive animations and fancy web sites.

Also more and more people are offering to make websites for less and less, It is now likely web sites are being made by 13 year olds in their bedrooms on a Saturday afternoon.

Sure, reputable companies may pay thoudsands of pounds for a Flashy intro, but they will go to a company they already know.

The work, as I can see is drying up fast. The market is flooded by "designers", so prices are falling. Certainly, I don't think there is a living to be made for a freelance Flasher. Not a good living anyway. Not at the moment.

This is my opinion, and the way I see it, having experienced the industry myself, and being at the heart of it right now.

Who is to say what will be happening 5 years down the line. I do believe once the web becomes a broadband medium the oppurtunities for designers, animators, musicians and directors will become enormous. The web will become 3 billion TV channels.

The only advice I can offer is, if you want to do it, get stuck in. If you are good at what you do, you will always succeed.


01-29-2001, 01:29 AM
Thanks for the insite Chris, I don't know how talented I am but I want to give it a good shot.....Will see what happens



01-29-2001, 08:21 AM
Hi Clint,

Welcome to Fk! just wanted to drop a quick note onto this thread. i do agree with some of the points chris mentions, HOWEVER, you should always remember that if you are good enough you will find work.

Whilst it's true that a lot of well paid work goes to the big companies, and that the freelance market can often be like this: http://board.flashkit.com/board/ ,it doesn't mean that thes big companies aren't looking for people like you to employ to fulfil their contracts.

I don't know how good or bad you are, but i really don't think you need to worry too much about that at your age. Keep practising, demonstrate the interest and commitment you talk about to those you work for and the future is yours to carve out.

Good Luck,