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Robert Scheineger
01-28-2001, 10:14 AM
Hi, Flash Users and World Folks.

Do you think Macromedia Flash to be great, uh? Yes, no doubt it is and I respect and appreciate it for all it is and represents to the Flash fan crowd and the pros. But you should know Scream, an interactive vector animation program that produces faster and much, much smaller animations (no Java) than Macromedia Flash (download the program, compile a number of linked animation files and keep an eye at how long it goes on kidding with your screen, without repeating a single "frame" -- a 30kb anime in Flash is only about 1KB in Scream format, depending on complexity and interactivity!) Yes, and it supports .wav and midi files with keyboard interactivity. It has its own ActiveX control for html embedding also and a screen saver module (take a -- stunning! -- look at the screen saver animations, buddies!).

They're giving away a freeware version of it. (The only one available for now. In my opinion, you should get a copy of it on the double, 'cause, when it gets popular, and I'm sure it will, its creators will have second thoughts about giving it away free.)

What's my idea about this, after all? Well, I just wonder what a great graphics artist and programmer could do with this fantastic program if he gave some thought about integrating it into MMBuilder. Since, I guess, the Scream program is not so popular by now, an aggreament involving royalties for using it as part of MMBuilder, for example, could be reached easily or even free of any charge, up to a point, maybe. In case this turns out to be possible, MediaChance developers could add timeline features into MMBuilder for use with Scream animations. And I tell you: THIS WOULD BE GREAT, because, in my opinion, the Scream ActiveX control and the animations the program produces are really great for streaming over the net (I performed some tests on a PC 100, 32MB and could see for myself). And, again, sorry, Flash lovers (I love it too): with this implementation, Macromedia Flash could be eventually beat by MMBuilder...

Please go to: http://www.savedbytech.com and click on the button link SCREAM for download, just to see for yourself! And, please, don't you let yourself be negatively impressed by the simplicity of the site. Download the program and give a close look to its possibilities. And, please, let me know what you guys think about it.

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the animations don't look as nice as flash but i definatly recommend this as its good for e-cards where size matters
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My posted reply to his impressions:

Dear Chip buddie:

I aggree with you that the Scream animations don't look so nice as those of Flash. But you should consider that the program is little known and that the great artists around haven't discovered it yet and, thus, there are no great looking and impressive Scream animations available. Why, there are great animated gifs arount the web that no one can honestly say they're not so. However, are they as small in size and dynamic as Scream animations? I believe the demo animations made by the program's creators are meant just to give us an idea of the great possibilities of the program. So, if the top graphics artists and web designers can do so much with the gif and Flash formats, don't you think they could do even more with this one? Only many guys, if not the most of them, do not know this promissing format and program.

Also, don't you believe, once we helped it become popular on our own possible way, its creators could come out with new, improved upon and even more terrific future versions? Just think what MMBuilder (www.mediachance.com) was at its first versions and what it has become by these days. Wasn't all this due to our users' support and feedback?

Yes, Flash animes are nice and great. But are they as small and so dynamically streaming and speedy as the Scream ones? If you're skilfull at animated graphics creation, just create two exactly identical animes: one with M. Flash and the other with Scream. Now compare their sizes and test them on a Pentium 100 (there are lots of them around the world, whose owners can't afford to upgrade to faster and more powerful ones) just to see for yourself. Should you feel willing to go even further, create, or ask some fine graphics shark you may know to do so, a very CREATIVE and nice Flash anime and a Scream one with about 800KB in size. After doing these, run them and pay attention to how much comparative time one and the other keeps animating your Screen.

I'll show up if anything new or argumentative strikes me.

Thank you for clicking on my suggestion link and posting a message.



01-28-2001, 12:53 PM
Hello Robert:

Took a look at your tool Scream. Nice little tool you have there. But I think you may be missing two crucial points about Flash and how and why developers use it:

1. Flash isn't about animation. It is about interactivity.

2. Interactivity doesn't come from animation, it comes from Scripting.

Animation is just a side benefit that you can get out of Flash. Now, don't get me wrong, lots of people (including myself design animations in Flash), but if that is all you are doing - creating static animations - like in banner work, then IMHO you are missing the whole point of Flash.

Your tool Scream, seems to be very efficient at creating low overhead vector animations, but what about complex interactivity? The real power behind Flash is Actionscript - take that away and it's like having icing without a cake. If you want Scream to really be able to compete with Flash, then you will need a serious scripting language integrated with the tool that allows a developer to create complex interactivity, and eventually design an entire website using nothing but your tool. That is the power of Flash that you see in sites like:


And a host of others that take extreme advantage of Flash's advanced scripting abilities to create Interactivity. That, in most Flasher's opinons, is where the Internet is going. Motion isn't enough anymore - it must interact. :)

Robert Scheineger
01-28-2001, 02:03 PM
Dear GreatGoogly buddy:

If Actionscript is so much the case and size does not matter anymore, why don't the pros use Director projects on the websites they create? Isn't Director's Lingo, for that matter, more powerful than Flash's actionscript?

But I understand your point and i think you're right up to a point. As regards interactivity, Flash now does beat Scream. But, tell me, have you explored throughly the interaction possibilities of Scream and its animes? Have you downloaded the whole program and all the demo animes and dealt with the them on an interaction level?

Yes, scripting is a must. However, as far as I know (and my knowledge about this is a bit of nothing, i must admit), the first versions of Flash didn't provide much room for scripting or interactivity. Today, Macromedia is a mighty software company and everybody seems to feel enthusiastically inclined to contribute with their skills to the enrichment and improvement of their products (through feedbacks and suggestions also or mainly), namely M. Flash, whereas the Scream guys' business is small and almost no one has ever heard about their fantastic program and, thus, of course, cannot give his share of contribution. So, please, let me know, as an expert you may be on the issue: Should Scream become eventually able to accept scripting and, consequently, a further degree of interactivity, an so much so as that of Flash, which one of these programs would beat the other? You see, i am not taking sides here; just want to know which one, in this case, would be better, more productive, convenient etc.

All in all, buddie, in my unauthorized opinion, this Scream tool will be stirring much talk about it in the near future, when it eventually releases new, improved upon versions, with features such as timeline, more than 256 color animation output capacity and scripting interactivity.

Thank you for your attention.


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01-30-2001, 02:38 AM
From the Get Scream Webpage: http://www.savedbytech.com/Scream/Get95.htm

"Last update was at 5:00 PM, Toronto time, September 30 1997."

Sorry but this looks to me like abandonware.
I'm not saying the product is bad, I haven't tried it, but the internet world is moving forward, FAST. Using a product that has not been updated in almost 3 and a half years seems a huge step Backwards.

Besides Flash is the standard on the net. In a weird twisted way it's like Windows. Yes there may be better Web animation programs out there, but if a programmer wants write a program which reaches over 95% of the users he writes it for Windows despite there being much better OS's out there. (Linux and BeOS come to mind quickly) A person who wants to create interactive animations and quality web content does it in Flash, because they can reach the vast majority of web browsers.


01-30-2001, 06:47 AM
Yup, the reason Flash is used more than Director on the web is because of the plugin. The shockwave plugin is still pretty big, and most people already have the flash plugin. As for the power of Lingo, well, I can't speak to that, but the new flash actionscripting is as powerful as Javascript. That's pretty nice, plus they added the XML support already. That will be great down the road a bit.

Basically, I don't think we all use flash just because Macromedia is the "cool" company. There's just nothing out there right now that comes close.


Robert Scheineger
01-30-2001, 08:34 AM

So, please Skraut buddy, download the program and ALL its demo animations just to see for yourself (Hey, i am not personally benefitting from this at all, absolutely. Only I think this "new" format and the program are VERY promissing and, through our support -- by using it to send anime cards over the net, for example, so as the general public could get to know the program -- and maybe also our feedback, its creators could be able to go on with the project and eventually come out with improved upon and new versions of it. I TELL YOU AGAIN, BUDDIES: THE POSSIBILITIES INVOLVED ARE GREAT. Have anyone of you seen its demo screen saver? The animes the program can creat are so small that one of these enterprising and creative guys out there could create whole animated stunning themes for Windows (into WindowBlinds, for that matter), with anime icons and all. If the guys their creators could make a program as fantastic as this without, apparently, the support of anyone, what couldn't they do if we give them a helping hand? You see, i'm a professional translator (English>Italian>Spanish>>Portuguese), so i have tried to get into contact with these nice guys just to make them a few suggestions and propose to translate the program into Portuguese, but i always get back the message sent to them with a damn "undeliverable mail" notification.

Again, as to the program not being updated in the last 3 years, you should consider it's been a long time now that these guys get their whole bread with the development of audio tools (professional audio software is their real gig, since, for that matter, they worked for years following rock bands around the world -- such as The Rolling Stones --to assist them in their shows in an engineering capacity). As i don't have much spare time to be argumentative here right now, i'll finish by asking you: as you think the Canadian guys don't seem to be interested in going on with the SCREAM project, how about we join efforts so as to try and get them to aggree to turn SCREAM into open source software? Could you imagine the possibilities here? As one of you yourselves said, the SCREAM tool seems to be more efficient than Flash in some ways...

Thank you for your attention.

Lots of greetings.

Scheineger, O Filho do Sol.