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01-29-2001, 06:02 PM
What is the diference between a designer and a developer? Do you consider yourself a designer or a developer? Which skill is more important in a IT worker (I'm being careful not to say web designer or web developer)?

Feel free to post your take!

Here's mine:

I feel that a web developer is one who programs ie actionscripting, cgi, coldfusion, etc. while a designer is one with an excellent artistic taste who's talents are more on the gui side of it. I would consider myself a designer, however i have a good understanding of basic programming, and a very strong knowldge of database integration with ColdFusion. Honestly I do think that a developer is more valuble to a company - take Yahoo for example - it is one of the ugliest sites around, yet it is still one of the most popular because of the programming that serves the content...

just my two sents...now lets hear yours!

02-03-2001, 12:22 PM
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02-03-2001, 03:34 PM
Hiya Chuck!

i'd have to agree with your definition of both web developer and web designer. I personally consider myself a member of the former, coming from a strong programming background and specialising in server-side scripting & database integration.

I believe that BOTH of these types of people are required to make a site/company successful in it's presense on the Internet. If you build a seriously ugly site, even the best backend in the world won't save it! Part of a Web Designer's role [at least in a small co. without interface architects] is navigation design - and if people can't find their way around the site then it's dead in the water!

As for which type of person is more important to a company I'd have to say Web Developer because a LOT of design is just common sense and there's a little bit of creativity in everyone. A Web Designer, on the other hand, will often not have a clue where to start programming a backend system for a site. These two need to feed off of eachother's strengths and weeknesses to produce a truly successful site.

I believe that Amazon works not just or even mostly because of it's ovbiously efficient backend systems but because of it's real-world customer service levels. The fact that you can go to the site, order a book and it'll turn up the next day, along with the fact that it was first to market with this kind of thing, has assured it's success.



02-03-2001, 05:25 PM
The company for which I work delineates between a designer and a developer in the following way. As a designer, you initially brainstorm and coordinate projects with our Marketing and Sales teams and, perhaps most importantly, with an IT analyst (which speaks on behalf of the developer).

Once these meetings have transpired and the requirements are ironed out, the designer can begin a mock-up or a demo. Once this is completed and approved, the developer begins coding the functionality (java, c++, net.data, etc.)

Incidentally, I'm a designer primarily responsible for the graphics, layout, flash, html, javascript, and dhtml.

Ultimately, the developer is the lynchpin to any successful web site or application (they, more often than not, have higher salaries than designers). A designer, however, should assure intuitive navigation and a clean, polished look, thus being an integral part of the process.

Most anyone in the sector will tell you that they both rely on each other to truly achieve success.



02-03-2001, 08:56 PM
Well I think you need both, plain and simple a pretty site is cool but with no functionality well booooooo and an ugly disorganized site thats database driven well so what its still ugly, well I just cant get my head around it, so boooo you need both for a successful venture..... and yahoo, well they made it cause they had free email before anyone, they are the definition of 1st generation web sites, so they havnt changed style, well they have such a client base from the early 90's they dont need to.... I dont see any other companies with such a plain layout making it... so I would say that yahoo is an exception, and besides they didnt even start making money until a few years ago... and thats what its all about isnt it , money , I mean I know im not in this for a site award lol give me the green baby daddy needs a new benz.........