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01-31-2001, 10:27 AM
Yes you heard right.
I am launching a site soon. http://www.majormark.net is the url, just the splash page on there for now, as I am still working on it.

Here's the deal:

If you run a business site or you offer some sort of service other than a webdesigning company,
submit your banner ad to me (GIF or Flash).
You can post it here or send it to me:

Limitations: 468x60 pixel in size and 15 K, and give me the link URL.
Please note that the site your banner should link to is not of any inappropriate material such as pornographic, discriminating, harassing offending material.
I will review your site to see whether I am going to have your banner up. Just give me a brief description on what your site the banner links to offers and what it is about and we are ready to roll.

I can have your banner up for free until the site runs well enough. So you will most likely have your banner on the site for free for a long long while.

Your banner/service should go with one of these categories:

Graphic (example: getthepixel.com from Eddie Hillegers)
Travel (example: gosmoothly.com from rugbystud)
Art Books

As I am working on finishing everything up now, I am going to implement banners and organize everything, so maybe you are interested and get some extra traffic for your service/site from my site by having it placed in the right spot on my site, in the category that is proper for your business.

cheers and see ya I will notify you whether I put your banner up and where.