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02-08-2001, 10:49 AM
Why aren't there more vb codes for FK users? I have been to many other boards that use some sort of vb based bulletin board (UBB, vBulletin) and they have all sorts of code that you can use to make your posts and footers better looking.

It seems that FK limits the code that we can use. Why is this? I realize that over use of code can make the post utterly impossible to read, (like using the [s] code on some boards strikes out the text, this is very hard to read).

But it seems that we are highly restricted in the code that we can use. Why not add some options to our posting? If it gets out of hand, then put it back to the way that it is now.

And get some new smilie shortcuts too!! :rolleyes:, :mad:, etc, are good, but lets have some fun!! I want stuff like :puke:, :wtf:, etc. This would allow us to say just what we want and not have to post a bunch of words that don't make any sense.

anyone else share my view