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02-09-2001, 04:05 PM
I'm fairly new to FlashKit but I must say this site has been a godsend. I have learned more through this site than any of Macromedia's references or the 28 books I've bought!

1. Revenue generation - Some form of subscription fee, even a dollar a month would be acceptable. If your user population is 100K+, well, do the math...

Also, charge a small fee for downloadable tutorials that are certified (see my comments in #3.

2. I agree with others that spped is more important that flash (pun intended). Keep it html and fast.

3. I am an instructional designer and graphics artist/flash programmer wanna-be. I would love to assist you folks on supplying a template for the format of tutorials that are submitted. People using this template would be FlashKit Certified.

I also agree that it would be much more educationally beneficial if the tutorials could be downloaded with all supporting files and examples.

4. On the sound loops, it takes too long to load before you can play the loop. If eliminating the graphic of the waveform would speed it up, then get rid of it. Also, can you place more than 3 on a page?

Thanks again for a great site.

Steve Reed