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02-13-2001, 01:16 PM
first of all, I am not writing this to rip on nutshell media, the featured site for feb. 13. The scripting on there is very well done and the site overall is good.

But as for a site to be featured on the front page of flash kit. come on. Out of all of the really great work that is out there why does flash kit consistently more times than not feature mediocre to poor sites. The site in general is a complete rip off of egomedia.com. There is nothing new, intriguing or interesting, about this site. Its all stuff that has been done (and copied) before.

I would just like to see the bar raised. Come on you guys are flashkit. The paradigm of cool in my universe. Save sites like nutshell for the featured fla. And lets see some really great work.

Thanks for flashkit.