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    [f8]open browser window prob

    argh, help

    i want to open a local file in a new browser window without tool bar etc, but it just wont work

    any idea, its driving me crazy. it worked once or twice, but cant see why
    ive tried...
  2. [F8] [F8] fscommand("exec","") to open/run mac on projectors on mac

    forgive me if i have the wrong forum...

    im making a flash project to go on cdrom for windows and mac. i dont use mac and have limited access.

    flash files are menu.fla, file1.fla, file2.fla and...
  3. ok... thanks

    ok... thanks
  4. thanks a_modified_dog maybe that sample was a...

    thanks a_modified_dog

    maybe that sample was a bad one, using the same string for the caption and parameter i want to pass
    lets say i want to pass something else which is not in the...
  5. [F8] context menu - pass parameters to function?

    (i hope this makes sense)
    im playing with context menus and would like to know if the function can pass parameters. i cant figure it out why not

    for context menu "email_01", i want to send the...
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    works a charm
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    [F8} sorting array craziness

    i need to sort arrays, which are loaded as variables via php.
    however why wont this sort correctly? it wont put the 30.056 below 45.105
    if i sort ascending, it still is incorrect. is there...
  8. another :thumbsup: to you

    another :thumbsup: to you
  9. [F8] how to set same style for many components

    i have 3 check boxes chk_urban, chk_transmitters, chk_text

    i want to set the same custom style to all 3.
    there must be a better way then setting each individually as below

  10. ahhh, i shouldve used "_parent" not "this". i see...

    ahhh, i shouldve used "_parent" not "this". i see the light.. was soo close yet so far!

    all sorted now i think

  11. createEmptyMovieClip screwy | help please

    i have a swf, that creates 12 buttons dynamically from sites.txt by duplicating b_transmitter, then it is positioned onscreen. when a button is Roledlover i want to create a movie clip that is 50px X...
  12. thanks. never thought to look in the helpfile for...

    thanks. never thought to look in the helpfile for that. too stressed to think at the moment. duhhhhhhhhh
  13. anyone?

  14. righto, i got it to work....

    righto, i got it to work. getVars(this,string_url); shouldve been getVars("this",string_url);. now it works in test mode.
    works in the browser now, seems i need to have it on the same server as...
  15. okl, the function gets called now. however the...

    okl, the function gets called now. however the variables dont get displayed onscreen, i get undefined displayed, aswell as in the trace call
  16. no. the getVars isnt getting called for some...

    no. the getVars isnt getting called for some streange reason, because the trace(id+" - "+str); output doesnt show up in the debug window, neither does the the other trace function in getVars
  17. no it doesnt help. i pasted into flash and now...

    no it doesnt help. i pasted into flash and now nothing happens in the test window, thanks
  18. loading variables onRollOver from php problem

    i want a flash button, that onRollOver loads a variable from a php file into flash which displays the variables in a tooltip.
    when i preview in flash it works, although need to rollover the button...
  19. preloader while downloading variables possible?

    my flash application needs to download a large amount of variables in text from the web for it to initialise itself to work. is it possible to have a preloader to display until its completed loading...
  20. ok, i got the buttons to to do events, but now...

    ok, i got the buttons to to do events, but now how do i store the name or varible for each button. it just keeps returning the last number of i which is 5

    b_transmitter._visible= false;

  21. duplicate buttons and assign event to them |help

    i want to dynamically duplicate buttons and assign events to each button.

    i have tried but to no succes with events.
    can someone help please.
    the code is below, the fla (version 8) is at...
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    thank you, thats exactly what i needed.
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    help - modify combobox component.

    I want to modify the roll over colour for my combo box. it wont allow me to do it in the library, surely there is a place to edit components.

    Can you explain where and how in flash 8 pro.

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    help - movie clip coordinates

    trying to figure out movie clip coordinates.
    what is the registration point?
    do the coordinates scale when the movie clip is scaled?
    and are there any tutorials?

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    i mucked about. removed everything i didnt need...

    i mucked about. removed everything i didnt need to get it to work.itll give you the idea to work on anyway.

    i dont know what was going on with your map scaling, it was like 3 times the size of...
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