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  1. Hi, i would show you my new website, and new...

    Hi, i would show you my new website, and new soundtrack, and new game collaboration..all new :D :D


    thank you
  2. I have made a NEW web site:...

    I have made a NEW web site: http://andreagiachinicomposer.jimdo.com/

    you can find more track, orchestral, ambient and electronic!!
  3. My last soundtrack The Plane:...

    My last soundtrack

    The Plane: http://soundcloud.com/cloud88/tha-plan

    i make the video soon :)

    my site: http://italiancomposer.wix.com/andreagiachiniitaliancomposer
  4. Video of my song (avialable for some collaboration)

    hi there.

    i have made some video of my song, i show the music.



  5. Music composer looking for collaboration (8bit,atmosphere,fantasy loop song)

    hi im Andrea, im italian composer.

    i have make some collaboration for indie game, and i looking for a good collaboration.

    you can find some preview (orchestral and more) on my site:...
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