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    Thanks for the reply fruit beard, That solution...

    Thanks for the reply fruit beard,
    That solution looks like it would work awesome if I were placing the link within an html rendered text box within flash, but I need the link outside of flash...
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    Just to the root of the swf file, to the variable...

    Just to the root of the swf file, to the variable "target"

    So in the html page, a button pressed would send "whatever information" to variable "target" in embedded swf file.

    Hopefully I'm...
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    Sending a variable to embedded flash file

    I'm trying to do something that seems like it would be a pretty simple thing to do, but I've been searching for days, and can't find a good solution.

    What I need to do is pass a variable into...
  4. Numeric Stepper controlling movieclip timeline

    Hello there!
    I'm working on a project where I'd like to control where a movie clip stops at a point in the timeline determined by the value of a numeric stepper.
    For instance if the Numeric...
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