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    How to drop down buttons ?

    How to have buttons inside a button ?
    hello there !!
    this is the fact .
    i have 3 horizontal buttons

    (we) (services) (contact)

    example when i go over (we) then i need to show a background...
  2. it works perfectly

    thanks it does exactly what i needed and now i understand better the learning of the situation !!

  3. i made some editable files !!

    ok i made this files to help !!


    there we have 3 swf
    with colors entering from right to left

    and a main movie call colores.fla...
  4. mr oldnewbie

    new thread mentioned its being posted ..

    thanks for your cooperation !!
  5. need to include external swf files into my movie

    i am making a products catalog , where i will use aprox 70 pictures .

    each picture , will enter (sliding) from right to left .

    for the site to be faster i prefer to have each picture Mc on a...
  6. ok i understand now !

    please forgive my english i`m trying to do my best !!!
    mr. oldnewby do you think , that could be possible to give me a hand on another questions that i had , on a new trhead that i will post in a...
  7. ???

    so strange ?
    i downloaded it !
    its being saved and recognize extension buttons.fla

    i am using a windows 2000 profesional (no mac )
    flash mx studio

    i have even tryied on 2 diferent...
  8. about the file

    thanks for trying
    i downloaded the file but my flash mx gave me an error trying to open the file "unexpected file format " i tried importing also but fails !!

    could you please try to check and...
  9. this Fla lwill explain better !!

    ok here is a editable file that contains what i am trying to reach ..

    here you will see the problem _!!

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    thanks i got it

    thanks i got it !!
    the tutorial worked good for me !!
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    choosing !!!

    i choose that page for example ,because is where i saw what i am interesting about ,, what else for do you think.. i could choosen it ?
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    image loader ?

    i am so curious about how can a image loader like the one used in http://www.schiesser.de/schiesser.html works !!! how can i build it ?
    if someone could guide me into this i will much...
  13. How to have buttons inside a button ?

    hello there !!
    this is the fact .
    i have 3 horizontal buttons

    (we) (services) (contact)

    example when i go over (we) then i need to show a background containing the rest of the...
  14. special menu effect , just like http://www.schiesser.de/schiesser.html

    i really need to learn as soon as possible how to build a menu effects , scrolling images , preloading counter and zooming images just like http://www.schiesser.de/schiesser.html

    i am...
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    thanks oldnewbie

    good !! explanations about sound control thanks..

  16. Replies

    Sounds event control ?

    i need to know how can i order some sound event to stop so another one can start ?

  17. Pellepiano everything done and understood

    Pellepiano everything done and understood

  18. OK i see


    onClipEvent (load) {
    // Initial Movieclip Position
    _root.xpos = -50.5;
    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    this._x += (_root.xpos-this._x)/5;
    //esta parte es elasticidad
    var speed...
  19. It works !!

    But Pellepiano i need to put elasticity on http://malabar.com.ve

    but the movies are tweened geting in and out ,, How can i add elasticity to this motion tweened ?
  20. Works great !!!

    Pellepiano What About the elasticity effect ?
    how can i integrate these effects in to it ?

  21. Pellepiano Now it Works

    yes !!
    it is working as you said.
    there are no words to thanks all the teaching you´re giving me ,, i really mean thanks . mr. Pellepiano .

    ok .., heres the working .fla
    but i dont...
  22. Thanks Pellepiano

    but .. how should i insert the pictures into the movie clip ?
    i mean if you said that i should not have tweening , then how ? each picture on a individual frame ? or all of them in the same frame ? ...
  23. Pellepiano this is about old barney´s image effects

    Hi there..
    i have being lost for couple of days , i went to the beach for the weekend , and a stayed for 9 days in a row ,, i really needed some rest ,, out of the monitor ..

    Ok mr....
  24. Mr . pellepiano

    hello .
    i really havent had the time for trying the codes ..

    cause i am almost finished with a customer´s proyect..
    by the way the proyect you had helped me ..
    take a look at it ....
  25. Hello Pellepiano , so ,, what to tell ?

    Mr. Pellepiano ..
    I really dont know what to say,
    but wen you say "old Barney's menu thing" i feel that seems that i missed something .. or that i am newbier than i thought..
    to be sincere with...
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