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    MC looping while mouse is over it

    this sould be fairly simple i hope
    (using FMX btw)

    Ive made a move clip that is used as part of a navigation bar which has a little animation in it and is 15 frames long. What happens at the...
  2. Hey Mirandir it worked a treat! Thanks :):) ...

    Hey Mirandir it worked a treat!
    Thanks :):)

    Being honest i had tried that exact same code but being new and all that had done something dumb like try and assign the actions to a button or some...
  3. MC in a btn to keep playing when mouse moves over it??

    Ok very simple scenario here! :)

    All ive done is put a movieclip into a button in the over state so of course when the user moves their mouse cursor onto the title (this is what the flash is for)...
  4. Lynda.com online learning library - sign up from uk??

    Does anyone know if it is possible to access this resource site if you are in the uk??

    There doesnt seem to be any mention of the uk anywhere on the site and so im not too sure if i can or not :-/...
  5. Flash MX books for beginner - for xmas :]

    Hi :)
    Im pretty new to flash mx but can see how much of an amazing program it is and thus would love to take my verrryyyyyy basic knowledge a lot further with the help of some decent teaching books....
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    Looping a few different symbols

    Ok i mean basic to the extreme here!
    All ive done is a really basic face and right now just to get started ive drawn the mouth in three parts (top mouth, side mouth,bottom mouth) and then for about...
  7. They're on different frames as well as different...

    They're on different frames as well as different layers :/
  8. Centering a presentation when work area is increased

    Errrr not too sure about this but i think its pretty simple as to either solving it or if it just cannot be done

    Ive made a simple flash movie with about 5 layers and some pictures and...
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