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  1. Email form using AS2 and Php being troublesome

    Hey there. While I was working on my website I noticed that my contact form wasn't working and with my limited code skills I set out to work on it. The flash itself I set out to construct using this...
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    Panning map problem

    Hey, jumping right to the point. I have been coding some interactivity on a world map (boring I know) anyhow it pans and zooms fine, or at least it seems to, however, just recently I have found a...
  3. anyway to detect if a movie clip is playing and if so to continue playback?

    Hey I have a silly animation that plays on a keypress, however I have to hold down the button to see the entire animation. Is there a way to tell the movie clip that even if the button is released...
  4. Bless you fruitbeard. I can't even put it in...

    Bless you fruitbeard. I can't even put it in words how grateful I am you are a god send. As for tge tweaks I usually do that anyways. When I first started I tried to calm my unease at the...
  5. I have uploaded my file below

    Sorry, please forgive my reluctance to upload my file, I have nothing against it, I have just been wrestling with my computer which is blinded to my tablet which is debilitating when passing files to...
  6. switch between walk, run, crawl, and creep.

    Okay, I have a character I am coding for a platform game, all of my controls work except for the ones I listed above. By not working I mean they go to the frame but won't play the animation. The...
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    CS3 Well I have basically got it all figured out, ...

    Well I have basically got it all figured out, thanks for all the help. The only thing I would like to pursue is getting flash to distinguish between a key tap and a key hold so as to execute the...
  8. Thanks fruitbeard, those codes are pretty slick....

    Thanks fruitbeard, those codes are pretty slick. I wanted to mention, I was poking about trying to learn how to utilize the code you provided, and I happened upon a site on the adobe forums. The...
  9. any ideas what could cause a movie clip not to play?

    Okay, I've been coding a bit of a side scroller. Everything works great except for 2 movie clips. A quick example of the code would be
    if ( Key.isDown ( Key.SPACE ) {
    gotoAndStop ("jump")
    if (...
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    CS3 Okay I have been mucking with the code all day...

    Okay I have been mucking with the code all day and though as I said those links that you provided didn't overly help as I didn't know how to customize them. I'm not the most experienced if you may...
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    CS3 thanks for trying to help.

    Thanks again for trying to help your heart certainly is in the right place. I have stumbled across those articles many times. I have been searching the answer for this issue for two weeks now....
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    CS3 thanks for responding.

    Because my internet I acess from my tablet and until I fix my pc I have no communication between the two I am going to have to type it out by hand so if there is typos please forgive as well I am...
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    CS3 platform game jumping help

    Hey I have been coding character controls for a side scroller, just for a challenge and have run into a frustrating hitch. When my character jumps if I just tap the spacebar it doesn't play the jump...
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