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  1. [F8] Flash 8 - Preventing Combo-Up/Down by pressing Page Up/Down key?

    Hello there!

    I've stumbled upon a problem in my little Flash application, maybe someone can help...

    I have a textbox with a scrollbar in it and a combobox or another textbox displayed below,...
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    Well... Actually I cannot find a way to...


    Actually I cannot find a way to manipulate a component, e.g. change the font. If I doubleclick on a component in the Library, all I get is a message "Create an instance of this SWF symbol...
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    Transparent listbox?

    Hello there, Flash gurus!

    I was wondering if it is possible at all to have a Flash listbox with a transparent background, or with some sort of texture for the background. I assume that Flash...
  4. [F8] Scrolling text until "Continue point"?

    Maybe someone knows an idea or resource how to realize the following:

    I'm loading text into a multiline textbox from a textfile and display a scrollbar component to the right. If the text is too...
  5. Many thanks, guys! These suggestions indeed...

    Many thanks, guys! These suggestions indeed helped a lot! :thumbsup:

  6. [F5] Checking the existence of a textfile?

    Hello there!

    I'm trying to realize some sort of dynamic dialogue Flash movie, which loads texts if the user asks a displayed person about a certain keyword. Flash then tries to load the textfile...
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