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    Sprite in AS3 ???

    so a Movieclip without timeline is called a sprite.

    Thanks to explain me in a more simpler way......

    I will read more about this!
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    Sprite in AS3 ???

    Hi All,

    I heard a new term called "Sprite" in As3. Is it a new display object [like Movieclip, buttons, etc..]?

    Could anyone explain me in a simpler way ?

    Expecting your reponses :)
  3. Hey Great! Thanks!!!! Since I have used the...

    Hey Great!


    Since I have used the button, I modified your suggestion a little bit to match my requirement.

    for each (var b:SimpleButton in btns) {...
  4. optimize script to do similar activity for various buttons


    Iam having 3 buttons in stage and three corresponding movieclips. When I clicked on one button, it should play its corresponding movieclip from the second frame. (Same case for the rest of...
  5. Fullscreen option in customized video player (Like Metacafe)


    Did anyone watch videos in www.metacafe.com. I just want to know how the fullscreen button works in that site. (Video Player adjusts automatically to the screen size, whatever the screen...
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