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    Nearly done it :)

    Hi people,

    Ok I've got his and it seems to work fine:

    on (release)
    _root.outputtext = _root.inputone - - _root.inputtwo;
    _root.outputtext2 = _root.inputtwo - - _root.inputthree;...
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    Number Pyramid

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to reproduce a classic number pyramid in flash.
    Its basically 3 text fields in a row with 2 text fields above them and finally a single text field at the top making a...
  3. Screenshot of stage attached to email via PHP

    HI everyone,
    I have a flash game which allows the user to drag and drop items into position on a stage and rotate them with the arrow keys.

    When the user has decided on the layout I would like...
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