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    center movieclip

    ok, i'm making a flash gallery (original eh :))
    so i have a scroll pane that contains my images, each image is a button that launches popup movie, inside that movie is another movie that loads my...
  2. no, is it a firewall issue on your local machine?...

    no, is it a firewall issue on your local machine? e.g. you connect but as soon as you have that 2 way connection your machine goes 'who's this other computer?' and kills the connection. i'd try...
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    this one is obviously written in cold fusion...

    this one is obviously written in cold fusion (.cfm)

    i'd use asp.net but i presume that the majority of users on here would use php

    a lot of factors rest on where the data is coming from, are...
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    [CS3] gradual alpha fade

    i have 2 buttons and two movies i want to fade between (bgNews and bgMusic)
    I'm trying to achieve a gradual fade between the two, like you would get if you tweened it over a few seconds on my button...
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    flash and dynamic data

    ok, i'm going to be designing a dynamic flash site with an asp.net backend connecting to ms sql server. the asp.net side is fine and dandy and i have no problems creating somewhere to administer my...
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