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  1. slideshow of pictures not positioned properly

    I'm using a used code of a slideshow. I figured everything except how to place the slideshow in the center of the div popup tag. This is the actionscript 2.

    I managed to move the pictures in the...
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    alignment problem

    Swift 3d v5
    I'm having a hard time trying to align, straighten the various objects. The big blue rectangle has to be flat on the ground. The gray panel on top and the red on top of that. The other...
  3. [F8] formtoemail.php work with swf file?

    I tried using the page:

    in my contact section:

    But it doesn't work.

    I guess the first link is supposed to be for regular websites...
  4. [F8] How do you loadMovie of two nested movieclips simultaneously?

    How do you loadMovie of two nested movieclips simultaneously?
  5. I tried to add loadMovie("flash/flame.swf", ifr);...

    I tried to add loadMovie("flash/flame.swf", ifr); but it didn't work. It opens the flames.swf but not the level 2 movie clip (level 2 right? ...since level 0 is the main timeline)

    var flashArray =...
  6. [F8] how to open three movie clips in a clip in a timeline by button?

    I have this in the main timeline:

    var flashArray = new Array("flash/hockey.swf","flash/baseball.swf","flash/armenair.swf");
    for(var i=0;i<=flashArray.length-1;i++){
    this["btn"+i].num = i;...
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